In 5 Years You’ll Be Wrong by Bassam Tarazi

If there’s anything we have an overabundance of as 20-30-somethings in the 21st century, it’s choice and information. And it’s killing us.
The onslaught of data and boundless opportunity keeps us so terribly afraid of making the “wrong” choice that we spend endless hours seeking the blueprint, the golden goose, or the silver bullet that will help us make the “right” choice.
Unfortunately, there is no such thing, and our fear of missing out on what’s “right” keeps us from ever diving in at all.
We can inflict great change in the world due to its interconnectedness, but it’s the microscope of this very interconnectedness that often keeps us from implementing the change we want in our own lives.
No one changed the world before they changed a moment in their world. The moment right in front of them.
Fear, apprehension, and sweaty palms mean that you are probably about to learn something that you’ll never forget.
Push notifications and news feeds are the world’s way of throwing us off course. There’s a reason trains don’t pick up people wherever people want to be picked up; trains wouldn’t get anywhere.
Don’t ever be so scared to miss out that you never end up truly diving in.
By adding the word “because” to your request, you’re also more than doubly likely to have someone oblige your request. No one likes to be ordered. They want to understand why you need them and they want a chance to decline.
Want to get on people’s radar? Ask. It’s literally that simple. Don’t expect them to approach you just because you want them to. Let them know what you’d like to learn about them or an industry, because eventually the question: “What are you working on and how can I help?” will be asked of you. Know the answer. It shows people that you’ve put some thought into your efforts and you might be someone they want to support.
How do you know where to point your ship in the beginning? Point it in a cardinal direction that parallels your character, skills, and interests, and take action on where you want to be tomorrow, next week, or next month. Rinse and repeat that process.
There’s no such thing as making it—only making it further than where you were yesterday.
Without a struggle of some sort, where do lessons learned come from? Where does perspective come from? Where does moxie come from?
The happiest, most passionate employees are not those who followed their passion into a position, but instead those who have been around long enough to become good at what they do.
The world owes you nothing. It gave you life. Let’s consider that paid in full.
Your success hinders no one. How people react to your success is what hinders or doesn’t hinder them.
Successful people don’t always have the best ideas, they’re just willing to put their ideas out there and have something to point at. But if you have something to point at, that means everyone else can point at it too… and judge it, and say what it doesn’t do. Sorry, it’s just part of the deal.
[Compare Pressfield: “work is judged in the real world.”]
There is no better personal feeling than fulfilling your intentions.
No one can tell you the perfect time to start, but you can’t start after you die.
[If you’re worried you’re starting too late, then it’s time to start.]
Manufactured momentum quickly evaporates under the blinding rays of what you’ve always done.
[Don’t just start doing X, become the type of person who does X.]
Here’s the thing about change; for it to begin to take hold you won’t even know or feel like it has.
Figure out the worldview of your customer and how you are going to make their life more fun or less painful.
Everyone knows you don’t know anything in the beginning. It’s quite alright. Submerge yourself in the reality of not knowing.
Write with an edge. Take a stand on something. Purposefully turn down particular clients. Relish when some people tell you how much they hate you. It means you’re getting a strong response.
Always fight for your relationship and understand that it is going to be a battle, not between each other, but between the both of you against the happenings of life that will conspire to ruin everything.
A genuine smile is always accepted.