I’m Aaron, and this is a blog about reading, writing, and thinking.

Nominally, it is mostly about books. But it’s also about writing books, or anything, really. And it’s also about the things that books are about. In theory, then, it could be about anything.

Books, though—books are what tie my metaphorical room on the web together.

Here’s the story. Not that long ago, I went through a time without books. I lost my way. It’s not like I was depressed all the time and living a horrible life or anything. It’s something that took me a while to understand, to realize what I had been missing.

Because as a kid I read books like all the time. I loved books. It seems upon reflection that I was a typical case: shy kid retreats into a world of his own making. And that world kept me going until I was ready to join the real one.

But you know, it’s not so easy to be a reader these days. There’s more than enough content on the web to last a million lifetimes. It’s seductive. It’s brisk. You can whip through a dozen Wikipedia articles or Buzzfeed blasts in the bat of an eye.

I want to make the case here that books are as important as ever to the pursuit of wisdom. Books are how you get an edge in the world. They’re how you learn a new skill, start a business, get better at your job, understand your fellow humans, get a sense of your place in the world and in history.

There’s no replacement for books, and though plenty of people try to sound the death knell, there won’t be a replacement anytime soon. There’s no other way to make sustained arguments, to lay out years or decades of thinking, to make sense of complex ideas, to expound life philosophies.

This is a shrine to reading books, and all that entails. We celebrate the reading life. We share knowledge and stories. We grow together.

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