“A Book Is a Machine to Think With”

There’s much ado these days about new reading technologies. In particular, the ebook, but there are more recent innovations in digital reading, too: Spritz is one, and social e-readers are another. The way digital reading is discussed, you’d think people who like reading plain old paper books are Luddites.

But what if I told you that physical books are technological marvels themselves?

I encountered a provocative discussion of how we use this far-out dead-tree technology in–where else?–a book, dead-tree version, by one of my favorite writers, Alex Soojung-Kim Pang. After reading this, I’ll never look at a book the same way again.

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How to make reading a habit, in 6 easy steps

This is a classic Catch-22: since the system is so powerful (which is great!), making a change to it requires serious effort (which is hard!).

That’s why the celebration is the most important step. You have to give yourself recognition for this work you’re doing. Anything that increases your well-being and makes you feel you’ve accomplished something. Because you have–even after one time.

Think about the people you see every day. How many of them are incorporating new skills into their lives, actively finding ways to increase their joy and productivity? And how many are content going through the same stale routine, never growing or improving themselves?

If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.

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10 Great Books I Read in 2014

This was a tough exercise, but it was also a nice gift to myself for reading a lot this year!┬áPlus it will give me a reference for what to re-read in the new year.┬áPresented in no particular order. The World According to Garp by John Irving This was my first Irving novel, and I liked […]

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Why you aren’t reading more books

Books help you with planning and strategy. They help you think in new ways and teach you concepts that are time-tested. They help you see the big picture of your business and how all the pieces fit together.

This makes you money.

People write books when they have big ideas to communicate. Valuable ideas. A book takes years or even decades of an author’s thinking and experience and distills it into a package you can read in a few hours. Talk about value. You’re getting a Big Bang for a few bucks.

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What’s better than reading? Re-reading

I’d like to re-read a book every month or two, but right now that rarely happens. I get distracted by New Book Sexiness.

Sex is actually a nice metaphor. A lot of people talk about how great it is to read around, sampling a different book every time. But anyone who’s stuck with one book for the long haul knows that this leads to a richer life.

New books are always going to be sexier — it feels almost like an instinct. And if you have a long list of stuff you want to get to, there’s a certain pressure to pick something different off the shelf, in the name of “progress”.

But the re-read always rewards your selection.

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7 Great Places to Read

I’ve taken books to the synagogue, to the DMV, and to the gym. I took one to my colonoscopy.

But I mostly read in the same few places. They lack distractions. They’re comforting, familiar, and full of positive associations and memories.

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