Discoverability for books is not enough — a case for better reading list tools

What’s the common thread? These are ways to help you organize the books you already know about. Whereas most book-related services only care about discoverability.

Here’s the problem with that. Any serious reader has plenty of books to last them a lifetime. Yes, it’s always good to discover new books, and there are always new books coming out that I want to know about. But in a world of information overload that pain pales in comparison to the difficulty of making sense out of the hundreds of books I have on my list.

Which of these books will I enjoy the most? Which are most relevant to me right now? Which are highly regarded by the people I respect? There are no easy answers to these questions. But existing offerings don’t even try.

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Glose, a social e-reader

I read 95% physical books, so I’m not sure how much I’ll be buying from Glose’s bookstore. But when I do want to read an ebook, Glose may just have the edge on Kindle.

The reason? Amazon keeps Kindle locked down like Fort Knox. When I make highlights and take notes on a book in my Kindle, it’s hard to get that data out so I can do useful stuff with it.

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