Why you aren’t reading more books

Books help you with planning and strategy. They help you think in new ways and teach you concepts that are time-tested. They help you see the big picture of your business and how all the pieces fit together.

This makes you money.

People write books when they have big ideas to communicate. Valuable ideas. A book takes years or even decades of an author’s thinking and experience and distills it into a package you can read in a few hours. Talk about value. You’re getting a Big Bang for a few bucks.

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Why over-describing ruins a story

That’s why an author can describe a room using one well-chosen detail, and it doesn’t feel like anything’s missing. Because nothing’s missing.

There is a legendary story (origin unknown — often attributed to Hemingway) about a discussion some writers were having about short stories. Specifically: how short can a short story really be?

In the legend, Hemingway says he can write a story in six words. His companions are shocked. They wager Hemingway that he can’t do it.

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In 5 years, you’ll be wrong

We learn that a habit takes on average 66 days to form, that competence is a powerful intrinsic motivator, that people who have more 2-hour dinners with friends live longer, that adding “because” to an e-mail request makes it doubly likely to be granted, and that the most passionate employees are not those who “followed their passion” into a position but instead those who stuck around long enough to get good at what they do.

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